Customized design

As being the Innovative marine floating solution, our creative geometry floats designed beneath concept “Safety, Durability, and flexible to all aquatic topography”.

It will be solution for all objective of utilization, whether individual utilization or any waterside hospitality and service or recreation business. Furthermore, Flotilla is the key solution for aspect of ecology and environmental conservation. To solve the coastal erosion crisis is one of our important mission.

Completed installation

To maintain an absolutely convenience to customer, we prepare all solutions since process of consultation for design to value your business, scaling, term of technical installation.

We deliver manpower with transportation to install Flotilla platform in your area, together with consultant for all aspect regarding float usability and relevant knowledge.

After sales service

We are ready to provide part & accessories with maintenance service for all useful life, to all customer’s customized platform. Both of online communication channel and on-site service.